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We need You!

The children of St Joseph's Primary School benefit a great deal from the work of the PTA. 

The PTA help to organise the discos, Ceilidh, fun events and the annual and very successful Connell Cup.  The money raised by the PTA has allowed the school o buy a smart board for EVERY classroom, Who Wants to be a Millionaire style tools for the smart board, games, robots, trips and much more.  Without the PTA the school would not be what it is.. but .. it now needs your help!  To ensure that the PTA survives and can continue to support and enhance the education that your child receives at St Joseph's then we need volunteers to shadow the current office bearers.

We cannot carry on without new members. We have Kimberly Armstrong who will shadow the vice chair position but we need more.

As Chair you would be expected to conduct meetings and liaise closely with the school.  

As finance you would be expected to provide financial reports and control the money.

As Secretary you would be expected to issue correspondence and take meeting minutes.

Please help if you can, plenty of help will be given!

Please contact the PTA at