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St Joseph's Nursery

Sea Life Theme

Over the last few weeks we were looking closely at life in the sea. We discussed the names of creatures that live in the sea and talked about the number 5 and 8. We have been learning some new songs and one in particular ‘The Underwater Song’. The tune is quite tricky but if you are interested you can find it on U-tube via the internet. We enjoyed doing lots of paintings to show off our knowledge and we made two beautiful mermaids for our wall.

New Theme

Our next theme is going to be based around Time. This is because some children were showing an interest in the nursery clock and wanted to tell us what time it was. Some other children were talking about it being dark when they go to bed and sometimes being able to see the moon. So we are going to be talking about the different times of day when we do things i.e. breakfast time, lunch time, bed time and we are also going to be looking at clocks and watches. If you have any old broken clocks or watches and you would not mind if we took them apart to look inside, we would love to have them in for the children to explore.